Pink and white quote: 'This experience getting a mammogram was the easiest, quickest, and most pleasant ever. Staff was outstanding, results were the same day. Excellent health care! Thank you!' - YMCA

The Healthy U Express For U

Take Early Action

Have you started receiving your annual mammogram? If not, consider this: women age 40 and older should have a mammogram every year and continue to do so for as long as they are in good health. While mammograms can miss some cancers, they are still a great, noninvasive way to find breast cancer.

You are a candidate for a mobile mammogram if you:

  • Are age 40 or older (or ages 35-39 with a doctor’s referral)
  • Have not had a mammogram within the past 12 months (most insurance companies limit the number of mammograms allowed within a 12-month period)
  • Are not pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have no personal history of breast cancer
  • Have no unusual breast symptoms such as a lump

*If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or feel a lump in your breast, talk to your doctor about getting a different exam or call 358-7020 to learn more.


Embrace A Health Conscious Opportunity

University Health System is pleased work with your employer or your spouse’s employer to bring this very important service to the workplace.

The University Health System healthyUexpress is a mobile mammography vehicle that offers screenings by appointment at various locations in Bexar County. Each exam takes approximately 30 minutes, requiring very little time away from your busy day.

Your mammogram digital images are read by highly-trained radiologists affiliated with UT Health San Antonio. We make your results available to you the same day as your exam, and with your permission, pass them along to your physician.