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Patient FAQ

How will I know if I’m at high risk for breast cancer?
Women with a family history of breast cancer (i.e. mother, sister, or daughter) as well as women with a previous history of breast cancer are considered high risk for the disease. Women with a higher risk for breast cancer should talk with a doctor about the best early detection plan. This might mean starting mammograms when they are younger, having extra tests, or having more frequent exams.

Who should get a digital mobile mammogram?
A digital mobile mammography screening is appropriate for women age 40 years or older without specific breast issues and 35-39 with a referral from a doctor. Mobile mammograms are not appropriate for women who have felt a lump, have discharge or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Do I need a doctor’s referral to schedule my mammogram?
Women 40 and older do not need a referral. The mobile mammogram screening is self-referral. We will give your results to you and your doctor with your permission.

Women 35-39 will need a referral from a doctor to schedule a mammogram.

Do I need an appointment?
Yes. Appointments are required to minimize time away from work. Once you complete the online registration form and submit it, our staff will contact you to schedule an appointment. You can also download the form as a PDF, print and fax it to 358-3631.

Do I need to get previous mammogram films?
Although our radiologists prefer to have previous films at the time of your mammogram, it is not required. With your permission, we can request films of your previous mammograms. Permission can be granted by providing your consent online.

What if something is found on my mammogram?

If further evaluation is needed, we will give you a follow-up appointment at University Health System – Breast Center at the Cancer Therapy & Research Center (CTRC) as soon as possible or as soon as  you’re insurance allows. You can always choose to see your own doctor for a follow-up appointment as well.